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Normet’s equipment offering renewal and expansions for improved safety, sustainability and productivity

During the past few years Normet has been investing strongly in the development of new technologies and equipment. Normet launched their SmartDrive battery electric equipment offering in 2019, together with SmartScan, an advanced measuring and documenting system to measure and monitor the applied sprayed concrete thickness, and SmartSpray automatic spray boom control system. Earlier this year, Normet launched the new EFNARC approved virtual reality concrete spraying training simulator, and an upgrade to SmartScan system called Align, which is a georeferencing system for profile data allocation, allowing the transformation of the profile data from the SmartScan’s local coordinate system into any coordinate system used in surveying.
In addition to technology developments for process optimization, Normet has been renewing their equipment offering, starting with the L-series diesel equipment. The new L-series offering is developed based on customer feedback, and it includes a completely new cabin and platform. The new FOPS/ROPS approved front cabin offers superior visibility with maximized window area, large side windows and reversing camera system. Special attention has been given to ergonomics and the noise level is low, ensuring safe and comfortable driving. The same cabin is also utilized in other front cabin machines.

The completely new Normet L-series is developed based on customer feedback, with safety as the first priority.

The new platform has many new and improved features such as automated retardation control for safe and controlled decline driving, upgraded front axle suspension which greatly improves driving comfort by reducing vibrations. A new control system including machine condition monitoring and data recording systems ensures that equipment is always safe to operate. Compared to the previous L-series, the dead weight of the platform has been reduced by 400 kg and power increased by 18kW, which leads to 13 % better power to weight ratio. In addition, the new platform has 75 % bigger fuel and hydraulic oil tanks, meaning enough fuel for an 8-hour shift. The new L-series is available with a powerful Volvo Penta Stage V engine, which is the latest upgrade in decreasing the diesel particles of the equipment working underground.
In addition to the L-series, the M-series renewal is also ongoing. The new M-series offering is currently available with SmartDrive battery electric architecture and a design optimized for mining and with the same new cabin as the L-series. Normet SmartDrive architecture includes the latest Li-ion battery technology with fast-charging capability. High-torque electric motors provide instant torque and efficient operation without any local emissions. The fully reversible 4WD ensures safe and sure movement in difficult underground conditions. Normet SmartDrive equipment enables higher productivity, lower operating costs and most importantly – zero local emissions. Normet is continuously developing more SmartDrive M-series applications.
Concurrent with offering renewal, Normet is also expanding their offering on both ends: – to smaller as well as bigger equipment classes. To complement the offering from the smaller end, the compact and agile XS-series was introduced earlier this year. The new XS carrier was developed to provide safe, purpose-built and an agile platform for several different transportation applications needed in demanding mining operations. XS is designed to minimize vehicle total cost of ownership and to provide excellent performance, best-in-class safety and payload capacity versus current competition in the market. The versatile XS carrier fits to 3.5 m x 3.5 m envelope and it can be utilized for multiple equipment applications and the application can be changed efficiently when required. XS can transport up to 4 tons of payload; either personnel transportation, transportation of goods or both together. The XS-series has its own FOPS/ROPS approved cabin which has all the similar features as the new front cabin used in the M- and L-series in a more compact yet still comfortable form.

The new XS-series has a high payload for its physical size. The compact size and four-wheel steering makes it Normet’s most agile carrier so far.

With respect to expanding into bigger size carriers and payload classes, Normet revealed a completely new upcoming XL equipment offering during the Normet Mining Innovation Days 2021 virtual customer event. The offering is based on Normet’s biggest platform so far. The XL offering consists of two different platforms: HD is a diesel powered platform with hydrodynamic transmission and a 30 ton carrying capacity, and the ED platform with 23 ton carrying capacity is equipped with a Stage V diesel engine and a electrodynamic powerline. ED is a brand new technology in the industry.
Offering renewal and expansion processes are ongoing and we are continuously implementing new applications to new platforms based on emerging customer needs. We will be expanding our SmartDrive offering to cover all the size classes. Stay tuned for Normet’s future developments, and if you have any needs or questions, do not hesitate to contact your local Normet representatives.

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