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February 23, 2024
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U-Tred Pro Composite Stairway Cleats

The new line-up to the U-Tred series family is now a fully composite polymer variation, with a whole host of new and innovative features, the U-Tred Pro is a worthwhile investment for anyone with slippery stairs and walkways.
The most notable feature of the U-Tred Pro is that it is exclusively made in the Nano555 Higher-Viz Green colour. This particular shade of green is the most visible colour to the human eye, and cuts through all the traditional safety yellow “white-noise” that is common on so many industrial sites. When you look down a stairway or Gridmesh, or other metal grating, it’s difficult to determine where the leading edge of each tread is, and where they start and stop. With a clear line defining the edge of grating, the U-Tred PRO Grate Cleats stand out and make it safer for your team.
The offset lug pattern on the top surface is a new feature that was previously not incorporated into the design. Behind each lug, the top of the tread is sloped so that when any mud on the top dries, it slides back off the tread, leaving the lug exposed and ready for use.  The lugs still maintain the aggressive profile, but are angled back slight towards the centre. This is to stop people who drag their feet when they walk getting their boots caught in the tread.
The new U-Tred PRO still incorporates the same self-locking non-return barbs as the traditional U-Treds. The barbs clip under the bottom of the mesh when installed, meaning they cant be removed and won’t wriggle lose.

Being that the U-Tred PRO grating cleat is made from a composite polymer it also means it can be used on offshore oil rigs, and other marine platforms where metal on metal contact is to be avoided. The composite construction also means they cannot rust.
“We’ve done our research on this one” said Amco R&D Manager Will Small, “We preselected 3 sites last year to give test samples too and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback, especially around how well the colour stands out, doesn’t fade, and how the new angle top self-cleans. The new generation top is very slightly sloped away, so that unlike the previous U-Tred, which in very boggy conditions could clog with mud, the U-TRED PRO self cleans”
He added “after 12 months of use at a Glencore CHPP in the Hunter Valley, the U-TRED PRO demos showed no sign at all of any wear. The same went for samples we had tested on a BHP Offshore platform”

Other key benefits of the new U-TRED PRO include…

  • UV resistant harsh offshore environments
  • Extremely High Fire-Retardant rating – 220 degrees celcius
  • Great for salt mines, offshore rigs and typical marine environment
  • Non corrosive
  • Can be used on Offshore Gas and Oil Rigs
  • Very High Tensile & Impact Strength for high wear life
  • Metal replacement Composite – No lost wear properties
  • Light Weight – can be air freighted at minimal cost
  • Green is higher visibility than yellow in high and low light conditions
  • Petroleum Resistant – Diesel, Oil, Petrol, Heating oils, Ethane, Ethanol and many more
  • Chemical Resistant – Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Chloride, Glycols, Heptane, Lactic Acid, Lead Acetate, Methane, ethanol, Methyl Acetate, Methyl Ethyl Ketone plus many more

You are welcome to use it free of charge 🙂
Cheers, Dan
Dan Small
Industrial/Mining Support
Cell: +61 437 208 828     Email: danyon@amco.net.au

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