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September 26, 2021
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Fire Suppression Systems in Mining

Advanced Fire Global, a South African based company is a multi service provider in the mining, industrial and public sector on the African continent. With support bases throughout the continent and qualified staff, strategically placed in every country on the continent, we ensure a professional and rapid approach.  Our knowledge and expertise combined with world class products offers a combined solution to ensure the safety of personnel and assets in every operation.

Challenging environments increases the risk of fire, therefore loss of life and valuable assets are imminent if the correct precautions are not taken. With our focus on protecting both lives and assets we ensure we provide the market with not only world class products but regular training for mechanical and operational staff.

Our in house risk assessment and draughts department ensures that we continuously asses the risks on the equipment we protect and design each system based on the risk in that specific environment.

As the master distributor of the ANSUL® Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems on the African continent, Advanced Fire Global has realised that mining is changing fast, as mining groups commit to decarbonisation targets and invest in autonomy to up productivity. But other aspects are changing too – in on-board fire suppression systems for example, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are under scrutiny due to environmental persistence.

Advanced Fire Global and Johnson Controls is leading the way with alternatives with the ANSUL® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent: a high-performance fire suppression solution that provides rapid flame knockdown and superior surface cooling for reduced equipment downtime.

The ANSUL® LVS non-fluorinated liquid suppression agent is manufactured without the use of perfluorinated chemicals and is tested to ensure maximum effectiveness.

LVS non-fluorinated agent works by rapidly knocking down flames, then blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent reflash. It is effective against Class A and B fires in mobile equipment in the mining, forestry, waste management and transportation industries.

The ANSUL® LVS non-fluorinated liquid suppression agent is using a blend of organic salts and surface-active ingredients. This formula provides the suppression, cooling and securing properties needed for vehicle fire protection without the addition of fluorosurfactants found in other common suppression solutions.

The ANSUL® Fire Suppression Systems are world class in vehicle fire protection and is the preferred system globally for all the major earthmoving equipment manufacturers. The ANSUL® Vehicle Fire Suppression range carries all the required approvals such as FM Global, UL, AS-5062 which are the global standards required in mining vehicle fire protection.

With the risk of fire not only present on earth moving equipment, Advanced Fire Global provides a world class solution through our modular range of sprinkler systems.

This revolutionary new system cuts production time in half due to minimal cutting, welding, threading and painting of piping. With increased productivity and a happier, smoother working environment, this also has the advantage of less leaks on the system.

Due to its modular nature, the system allows for flexibility and reduces the overall installation time.

Manufactured to meet both the UL and FM Specification, from the highest quality Grade A steel, each pipe and fitting is pressure tested to meet The American Society for Testing Material – ASTM A795, before undergoing a full chemical corrosion protection, priming and Epoxy top-coating.

Given the fast-paced, repetitive nature of the Fire Protection Industry, Whip Fire recognised the need to develop a Pre-Designed Sprinkler Sprayer System that would assist us in becoming more efficient in terms of design, supply and installation.

A pre-designed system allows our Installers to get the product to site quicker, install faster and in turn move on to the next job timeously.

Advanced Fire Global, Africa’s largest fire suppression system provider, a true market leader in innovative technology in the fire industry.






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